Sorry, you were saying?

When do the shops open?

Alphabetic script on signs on streets and buildings is just boring, some think.

I love sport.

You were wronged.

I feel like I can do anything.

Canada is a great place for sightseeing.

This is the house he lived in.

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What is missing in this car?

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And they saw the new heaven and new earth.

There's nothing physically wrong with him.

Our school is near a park.


I just want to ask you a few questions.

My sister's hair reaches to her shoulders.

You may come whenever it is convenient for you.

According to the Mayan calendar, the end of the world will come soon.

I couldn't take the chance.


I was glad I was there.


Take me from here.

Lloyd might talk.

Plastic was very angry and so was I.

You need to let this one go.

Please consider what I have said.

This is by far the best method.

Nobody has ever written a letter to him.

Do you have a toothache?

I thought it might be a possibility.


If you mix blue and red, you'll get purple.

What's your favorite type of pizza?

I'll tell Sundar to meet you there.

Eventually, an ambulance arrived.

Why would Sidney have any problem getting along with Jarl?

This is still too good to be thrown away.

Erwin isn't going to say no.

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I cannot possibly finish the work by tomorrow.


Who are you to address me so familiarly?

She joined the army.

We've come a long way to find you.

Helen is jealous.

The soldiers left for the front.

Adlai's room is still empty.

The book is being written by my husband.

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My name is Henry.

Close all the windows.

For us, English was the language to fall back on when we couldn't make ourselves understood in French.

James has a big appetite.

Did you tell Juliet about this?

The bus was delayed an hour by the accident.

I often stumble over something as I am blind as a bat in the dark.

The angry crowd clambered around the police van shouting insults at the suspected paedophile inside it.

Maybe you should listen.

Do you have anything to do after that?

I'm sorry for what I have done.

Alison needs us to help him.

I feel homesick when I remember my family.


They worked like bees.

In English there is a choice between closed and open punctuation; in the former, the writer uses all punctuation that can legitimately be used, whereas in the latter the writer leaves out all punctuation that can be left out without creating ambiguity.

When I was little, I spent a lot of time in the country with my grandparents.


She has scars that will last for the rest of her life.

Some birds alighted on the window sill.

As I missed the train, I had to wait for the next one for about an hour.


We're going to replace them.

Spain once ruled the Philippines.

Liz just couldn't stop himself from eating the whole bag of potato chips.


The sky is as blue as blue can be.

I hope this won't happen again.

Whose golf bag is this?

The father is good.

I don't wear reading glasses.

I don't want to walk. Let's take a cab.

My mother was a Japanese National Railways station attendant from 1971 until 1987.


Is there something you haven't told us?

He had a certain charm.

You two are really kind.

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Sho killed his drink.

Didn't you have a date tonight?

Look what I've found.

She couldn't help feeling sorry for him.

You're awesome.

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Look what a long reach Winston has.

I personally consider the death of an artist like Lou Reed tragic.

I don't consider that appropriate.

I don't want you to quit baseball.

I'll bring you up to date with hometown news.


How many soldiers died in World War Two?

Caroline wants to see you downstairs.

I'm in love with Syed.

"Where's my edition of the complete works of Schiller?" "It's just over there on the shelf."

My sister's getting married to one of her old classmates.

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Spyros is folding his laundry.

Dust Devils may look like tornadoes, but dust devils are not formed by thunderstorms and do not drop from the sky. Dust devils are caused by swirling winds that rise with the warm air found over the ground.

I need to take an exam in January.

I count on them.

I will go if you come.


I thought you needed it.

Now it's over.

Ernest wants to know why.

Go fill the ice pack.

I couldn't figure out where on earth he was heading for.


The lyrics are humorous.

He's a pretty unique guy wearing bell bottoms and Hawaiian shirts to the office.

My father struggled with the robber.


Don't make me feel bad about doing what I did.

The tanker was launched after the ceremony.

He finally surrendered to her.

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Naresh breezed through the exam.

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Which is brown?

Judith isn't going to like it.

You are doubtless aware of his absence.


Ellen doesn't pay any attention.

I only have 24 hours left to decide.

Lex answered my message right away.


I got a new girlfriend; you didn't know?

It is a fact that smoking is bad for health.

There is no beer here.


You should come through with your promise.

All things considered, we cannot say that he is wrong.

Paola tried to stab me.


Loyd showed up a tad late.


It'll cure itself naturally.

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I invited all my friends.

I'm going to have a good time this weekend.

A potential third party would not be able to crack the code.

You are always finding fault with me.

The shirt she apparently seriously thought suited me I turned down and decided to accept a light blue polo shirt.


Is this a problem?

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Why don't you leave Kevin alone?


I ate only bananas.

There's a message from Ricky.

Three years have passed since he died.

It's going to be corrected.

I feel like I'm doing a good job.

I was having trouble concentrating.

Do I need to add salt?

The sunglasses made him look like an undercover policeman.

While I was speaking, he said nothing.

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Konstantinos wasn't the only one who was busy.


These are the things Glenn bought yesterday.

Clyde will change it.

I expected better of him.

I'm going to stay here until the day after tomorrow.

You can use it as a paperweight.

Estonia has its own national anthem.

Foxes are wild animals.


Marguerite smiled at David, but she didn't smile back.

Would you like them to help you?

The prisoner who escaped is still at large.

This car, whose is it?

All rebels were already dead.


I would've volunteered.

Are you joking?

Promise us you won't hurt Marshall.


Shyam's parachute didn't open.

As we went up, the air grew colder.

What is wrong with that guy?

He's clearly lying.

Please forgive me for not having written to you earlier.

You'd have to ask them.

What does it contain?

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We went from France to Spain by crossing the Pyrenees.


His driving skill is very amateur.